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Maybe you Can't;

Have you Tried?.

I pride myself to be self-motivated, curious and a deep thinker. I can't ! why not? I figured there are always options somewhere in every situation that could lead us through breaking points. The problem is how to navigate through all these dark seasons and for the reason I share how I face the daily battles.

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The goal for this blog is to help build valuable, long lasting local businesses with little to no entrepreneurship experience and budget. These fundamental principles sets this blog apart from your typical blog:

Small Business Focus

We are not looking at already successful busnesses. Our goal is to help discover potentials in the hidden places.

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A weekly podcast for ambitious startup entrepreneurs tired of being normal and wanting to join the senior class.

Recommended Tools

We share tools that have proving convenient and effecient for a productive life.

Case Studies!

We touch on real life cases and do our best to solve them.

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