June 16, 2021


Hi there! It’s been quite a while. I have truly missed interacting with you. I hope you did too. In this short period that I haven’t been blogging, I’ve had the opportunity to take some time out to ask myself some real questions. These are questions every person should ask themselves.  Hold on a minute, and I’ll share them with you.

Now, a wise man once said, “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” No truer words have been said. It’s easy to get distracted and long for happiness as if it’s something far away in the future, or even worse, is held by someone else, to be handed over to us later on. But how many times do we get disappointed, when the one who we thought held our happiness was the one doing the opposite?

Other times, we believe it’s when we attain a certain level of success, or possess huge amounts of money, and can buy whatever we want, that we’ll even get a sense of happiness.

But that’s a really wrong thinking, because your happiness is not far off. It’s never been, never will be either.

Let’s define “Happiness” for a bit. It’s a state of contentment, feeling joy wherever you are, and in whatever you’re doing. It’s enjoying a moment despite the situation, refusing to get beat down, even though everything seems to scream at you to.

Happiness is pure joy in the face of challenges, because nothing is ever perfect. It’s about being happy in the good and bad times.

It’s really rare when a person is able to move past his present situation and smile, even laugh. But I’m telling you, that’s happiness. No one is in charge of it, you are. It might seem all rosy being with that person initially, and if it ever turns sour, you’ll be forced to admit that you were wrong. No one is perfect.

How can you be truly happy?
Live in your Now, this moment. This doesn’t mean you should do nothing else, and just lay down. No, it means living in this moment. It’s all right and good to aspire to be better, greater. But you’ve got your present self. Enjoy your process. As long as you keep trying, you’re good.

Live your best life right now: So, we all have that dream in our minds, even though they may vary, about what our life would look like when we finally attain success. Then, we’ll have our dream houses, cars, family, job, etc. While those are very good thoughts, it makes us think too far off into the future, and sort of delays our happiness.

That’s why many of us put off being happy until we have these things, and then find out that it doesn’t particularly make us as happy as we initially thought.

Why is that? Because happiness is not found in material things. No. They may give you a sense of happy feelings though, because you’re at least comfortable, able to buy and do whatever you want. However, it’s short-lived, when the next best thing arrives, and you dive for that too, and the cycle goes on.

How can you enjoy your life right now? Think about a little difference in your life. Instead of thinking too far off into the future, imagine what you would love to change about your life, on a small scale.

• Would you love to purchase some things that make you glad? Gain a skill that interests you a lot and earn more money. This way, you’re doing something you love and making money.

• Do you want to travel the world, like me? Take short trips in your state first. Go see a Museum, an Art gallery, go to a waterside, take a walk early in the morning, and enjoy Nature’s blessings.

• Do you find your knowledge lacking and you would love to learn? There are several topics on the internet, and various free resources too! Select one or two you would love to learn about, and dive in. Instead of watching movies all the time (which are fun to do), watch fun videos on that aspect on YouTube (On Chemistry for instance. I’m serious, it’s fun!).

Or you could grab a mug of coffee, tea, or juice, and read introductory books on them, and then advance. There are no restrictions to whatever you would love to do. You can truly live your best life now.

Praise: Praise yourself, praise others, praise the One who created you. When you’re filled with gratitude, when you celebrate your little wins, it keeps the focus off your problems, off your challenges, and all the things you’re supposed to be doing.

When you praise others genuinely, what it does is, it keeps you from seeing all the negative in people, but rather all you see is the positive. When you compliment others sincerely, you make them happy, and that’ll make you happy too.

When you praise God, He takes all your burdens, and makes it light. He fills your heart with gladness in the midst of your problems. That form of joy is incomprehensible to the ordinary mind. Count it all joy when you find yourself in diverse temptations (trials, challenges).

Your happiness cannot be fulfilled by material things, people, money. You are in charge of your happiness. Don’t let that scare you though. It only means that despite the ups and downs of life, people who annoy you, seeming lack of finances, you can be happy, because you don’t depend on any of that to be joy-filled.

Learn to live in your present, stop looking back at your past, it’s only there for you to gain lessons. Keep the future in mind, work towards it, but enjoy your Now.

Thank you for reading! Till next time, which will be really soon. I love to hear your thoughts always. Share with me how you live in the present, or your challenges on doing so.

About the Author

Hi there, I'm Senami, or Minase, as I sometimes prefer. I'm excited to share my values, knowledge, and experience with you. I believe they'll help in transforming your mind, as they have mine. On this mind journey, it's important to note that your mind is your greatest asset. Also, you control it. One motto or life quote I live by is, "Nothing is impossible." Open up your mind, let's break the rules!

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