December 14, 2020


People only see the success of others. They never experience failures. So when they see that person fail, their view of them gets tainted. But nothing has changed. The failures have always been there.
No one person is born or given success. They had to fail to gain it. We want to believe that Success can be just found or that there is a magic sentence you can hear that will unlock an understanding that shoots you to success. But the harsh reality is that success is a path carved by failures. A path carved by uncertainty, by risk. The path to success is covered in the blood sweat and tears of those who achieved it. Yes, money can buy success, but those why pay to play will never respect the power. They will never truly understand what it means to fight your way through the noise. To fight through the voices trying to tear you down. To fight the perception labeled on you from those who do not believe in you.

Be wary of those who agree with you no matter what. They may be looking for a free ride.
But listen to those who tell you. You can’t. Then tell those people to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

People will tell you, you can’t because they couldn’t. It’s easier to tell people to give up than it is to put in the effort for yourself and achieve what you wish.

These people see those trying to be successful and do not want the reminder that if they try they could make it. They don’t want people to look at them and think. If that person did it, why didn’t you?

Hate is used as a way to try and say. I know better than you. But its spoken by those who can not see past their own noses.

The universe is not one central timeline of existence, but a 4th-dimensional sphere where every point sees the universe differently.
It’s not “How I see the world makes sense to me, so it must be the only truth” 2 People can see the same thing but see them completely differently. Our pasts make up our perceptions. But how we challenge our perceptions make up our future.

Never listen to anyone who says it has to be this way. There are always other options. You just have to open your mind up to the possibilities, get creative, and look for a common goal. Build from there and you’ll find another option.

We are all capable of doing anything. But not everyone is capable of being able to put in the effort.
But there are con artists in this game of success. These are the people who are good at talking up their greatness but no one seems to ever see it.
Talk is cheap. And talk makes you look like an asshole. Only assholes have to tell the world all the things they’ve done. They have to wear the badges of their accomplishments to hide the insecure fact that inside they feel like they do not matter. So they try to force that they matter in the minds of those around them.

Talk is cheap and will never cover the cost of the actions. Those who only talk build a house of cards. It may do the trick but it is weak material that will not be able to withstand the test of time. But those who do, build a house with a solid foundation and build it up. When the storm comes, they will be fine.

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Daniel Separe

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