December 13, 2020


Learning a new job and becoming proficient in it is one of the most visceral examples I can think of to explain that anyone can learn to do anything that another human can do. (To an extent)

Working at a job long enough you start to make a lot of it a part of second nature and intuitive understanding. After a period of time, you no longer have to think about what you need to do for the job as much as you just doing it.

What is a job if not just a series of skills one must perform routinely until they are good enough at the skill that they can execute it almost perfectly?

This is in the same concept as learning new skills in general. If there is a skill that you want to learn. Then just get started on it.

Talented is a term used by those who are stuck in their own mind, and those who can make money off of someone.
Yes I understand that you may never be as good as X,Y, and Z, but your goals should never be to be better than them. Just to be better than you.

I know that may not make sense but think of it this way. When you are in a race. Those who are worried about what everyone else is doing and where everyone else oftentimes fails and stagnates as they are always comparing themselves to those around them.

But the person doing their own thing and trying to do their best will often not only come out ahead more but will also progress and grow faster.

I see people all the time comparing themselves to those who are already proficient at what they want to do. They complain saying this like this person is so talented. Or I’ll never be as good as them. And they will fail. Not in the successful way of failing. Just fail. But if they just stopped worrying about others and how they are progressing, then they themselves will get better.

But I can’t do it!

Sometimes we try to progress by emulating the work of others. But we can’t seem to get the same outcome or even close to it. If so, then move on. You may just be thinking too hard about it, or you are not ready for it yet. Let me give an example my good friend and magician Kyle Bassett shared.

In magic, there is a sleight where the magician takes a small object and tosses it in the air and it seems to visually transform in mid-air.
The science behind how this works is incredible but that’s not the topic of the day lol.
Anyways, He learned this method and practiced it for days – weeks. But He could never get it to work. So instead of constantly focusing on it. Trying to perfect it. He let it go. He stopped worrying about it. He thought well maybe this is just something that he’s not going to be able to do.
A few years goes by and during a Meeting of Magicians, He was discussing with some people some really cool but knacky moves and brought up the slight. They didn’t know about it so He executed the method with explaining it in a casual. “He can’t do it way.” But then HE NAILED IT!. It knocked them on their ass, and He ‘ve been able to do it ever since. And that was well over 8 years ago.

Sometimes taking a break from something can really help.
Being forced to do something or learn something lacks passion and growth as a person who elects to learn on their own.
Those who seek out to learn will find a way to learn.
Worrying about others’ growth and comparing yourself to those who achieved levels above mediocrity will only stagnate and force mediocrity.

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