January 19, 2021

January 19, 2021


Self sabotaging could be the major reason why you are still where you are.

I have discovered these to be some of the things i do to get self Sabotaged.

  1. Fear: Sometimes when I dream or set up a goal, I get scared i might not be able to get it done. I fear people may talk about it when I fail and this likely leads to
  2. Procastination: I want to get it done perfectly. I can’t take it when people say I can’t do something so mainly the perfectionism in me is as a result of fear. Fear of the unknown. Which leaves behind so many things undone.
  3. Believe system: your belief system could be one of the main hindrance to your progress. Let me give a typical example. Any lady five years younger than me is seen as a child according to my belief system. So it means if I will find someone to date, she would likely have to be my age mate or a little older than me. Now, the problem with that is that ladies within that age group also like men 5-10 years older than them and I don’t really stand a chance. (Which means it will take a long time to get someone to date)

Another example: there are those men who believes women were created mainly for sex so every pant, they will enter. What that does is that, they will later spend their entire life searching for love and will never find. Giving birth to children they won’t take care of etc.

As you think, so are you. Get your belief system right.

Self Sabotage basically means things you do to hinder your own progress.

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