May 30, 2021

May 30, 2021


Here we are again. Questions are very important in our lives. Obviously, answers too. Most often we are either left hanging or unfulfilled when our questions are not answered or when we don’t ask them at all.

Assumptions often feeds us with wrong informations and cause our behavior and or attitude to fail us.

When I see a wise post on social media or blog, normally what I do is first of all push the like button and when it’s worth sharing, I share. But most importantly, I learn from them. Sometimes, I need clarification. The author might have had something in mind and if I am not clear what it is, I ask questions.

Sometimes, the write-up comes out so good, nothing is left out. I show appreciation by letting him/her know their posts are helpful. This encourages them to do what they do more.

Other times too, the author misses it. We are human and sometimes we err. Unless it would tarnish the image of the writer, I would try to draw to attention. For their image sake, I can private text or email the writer to take a second lookout.

Interactions are very important and I want to call on everyone who visit our blog to interact with us and other visitors. Do not just enjoy the write up. Share your knowledge and let us learn from each other.

I am sure we all know it’s for that purpose the comment section was created. I would personally write afterthoughts in the comments section and I can guarantee you, there’s more to learn there than the main post.

I would be looking out for more of your interactions with me and my co-authors. Let’s make good use of this platform.

See you around. #Shalom to this house.

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Daniel Separe

I am an Entrepreneur | a Farmer | an Earl | a Filmmaker | a Foodie | a Realist. Shop your food with Join me as I share the tools, ideas, tips and tricks that I have found throughout the week!

  • __ Afterthoughts 1

    “True visions are meant to live! We live because we are capable. We have a purpose each to fulfill.” ~Unknown

    Everyone is important. Our words are very important and what we say or tell are very very important. Regardless of how, who and when we say it, it sort of make an impact either positive or negative.

    Some of us are born “quite”. It us our job to write. Others are born “loud”, it is their job to speak. Each person’s acts are very important.

    Once we begin to appreciate each others gifts, we know how to help each other with it.

    Everyone is capable. Do not leave yourself valueless. Share your gift.

    • It’s true. We all have at least something to share, no matter how insignificant we think they are – our gifts, our stories, even the little experiences.

      We can save someone else from making the same mistakes we have, if we’d just guide. That’s how we can show we care. It doesn’t really have to be monetary.

      I do hope we’ll all recognise what we’ve got, and start sharing.

      Thank you for sharing this with us Daniel. Beautifully written!

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