May 26, 2021


If you were ask to come up with a plan to solve a difficult problem at school, home, work, society or build something great that will influence generations after you, would you be able to come up with a perfect plan?

I have taught about this so many times and you can just imagine the number of ridiculous ideas that had come to mind. How about given an amount of money, a huge one and asked to make a good use of it? We all desire great things, luxury, giving, among all the wild thoughts that could come to mind, but the question remains, how impactful can we be?Wisdom is the only way we can devise a master plan that can influence generations.

Let me give a few master plans ever devised; Joseph was sold into slavery only to rule and control world’s food as part of God’s master plan to save his people from upcoming hunger. Moses was raised in the house of his enemy so he could learn to be confident and brave to be able to save his people. God devised a master plan to save mankind in quiet a mysterious way. He had Christ born into a carpenter’s home when there were kings and noble people so the enemy wouldn’t understand what was really going on. Jesus choose disciples who were not educated, so he could touch the world of different classes of people. I could go on and on. This master plans can only be devised by a master mind. Are you masterminded?

How can you access this wisdom? There are two things I want to share with you that could help you gain this kind of mastermind.

1. Wisdom is revealed to the heart not the mind. Our human minds are exposed to so many wrong things. Wisdom will not compete with all those ideas.

2. To access wisdom from the heart, you have to pay the price of truth or sincerity in the inward parts of your heart.

The world is full of people who say what they don’t mean. When you speak the truth from a sincere heart, you will devise a plan that’s produced from wisdom and that will influence the generation after you. Don’t waste your thoughts. Use wisdom to build all the big dreams you are imagining.

Let’s interact. leave a comment, ask questions, and share with your friends. God bless you.

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Daniel Separe

I am an Entrepreneur | a Farmer | an Earl | a Filmmaker | a Foodie | a Realist. Shop your food with Join me as I share the tools, ideas, tips and tricks that I have found throughout the week!

  • Wow, great piece. I love that part which says “To access wisdom from the heart, you have to pay the price of truth or sincerity in the inward parts of your heart.”
    God bless you with more wisdom, so you can impact in people’s lives with your write-ups.

  • That first question there really made me think. I’ve been having some ideas lately concerning different aspects, and sometimes it just seems nothing can change about them.

    But you just pointed out the best solution in my opinion. “Wisdom is profitable to direct.” I will totally employ this while building. Thank you!

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