May 22, 2021

May 22, 2021


 “If my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn’t be here. I guarantee you that.” – Michelle Obama.

So many times, the world wants this and that from us. Sometimes, we find that we also victimize ourselves. “We aren’t doing this, it’s our fault this isn’t working out,” and so on.

It can be overwhelming and downright depressing, because, it’s harder then to find encouragement in ourselves or the will to move on, to be better. This is the leading cause of depression, and then suicide, in the society today – mental stress, leading to mental breakdown – it could be really dangerous.

Ever so often, you have to appreciate yourself for things you’ve done in the past, people you’ve helped, scores you’ve aced, etc.

I know how difficult it is, to see the past good, when all you see are the present faults, all the “I should be(s)”. But I also know that it can be done, I’ve done it several times before, and when I remember that, it pushes me back up, even if slowly.

To be all you want to, all you were created to be, you’ve got to learn to take the pressure off, whatever kind it is, from people, from work, from business, even from yourself. 

How do you take the pressure off?
Understand that you’re human, and so you might make a few mistakes along your journey to success. If you don’t fail, how would you know you’ve won? It’s kinda important for you to make mistakes.

But what do you do when you make those errors? You’ve got to get back up, bounce back, encourage yourself, and become better. That would only be hard if you think it is, in your mind, and if you’re fearful.

When you encourage yourself, especially through God speaking to you, it’s way easier. Everything goes easily with Him.

I’ve failed at interviews, I’ve flunked at exams, and yes, they put me down for a while. But one thing I’ve taught myself is that these things happen, and must happen for me to pick myself up and be better.

Have faith in He who created you, and decided that you are good. He sees you as good, no matter what you do. Don’t ever doubt it.
Always cast your cares on Him, literally.

When He said this, it wasn’t an hypothetical statement, He meant to place it all on Him each time, instead of holding it in, and getting weighed down. When you do that, you’ll truly feel peace, and you’ll have the strength, the encouragement to move on, and move better.

Keep an Encouragement journal: As Joel Osteen said in one of his sermons, try to keep a journal in which you write down a list of nice things people have said to you, however insignificant.

Anytime someone says something closely complimentary, instead of discounting it, get your journal out, and write it down. It could even be a file or folder saved on your phone, for that special purpose.

You know what this does? When you feel pressured, and feel like you’re doing nothing significant, you can read all those notes and it would do amazing things to your mind.

If others don’t compliment you, find it in you to always compliment yourself. Write brief notes about yourself once in a while, thinking about how unique you are. Ensure your mind is clear while doing this, else it would haunt you once more with all the things you’re meant to be doing.

Billions of people exist in the world, and that’s a major reason why it’s hard for most people to see themselves as being unique. But the truth is, you are unique, and you were made for a special purpose, despite the amount of people in the world.

Don’t play by the world’s rules. Take off the pressure, and you’ll be the better for it.

About the Author

Hi there, I'm Senami, or Minase, as I sometimes prefer. I'm excited to share my values, knowledge, and experience with you. I believe they'll help in transforming your mind, as they have mine. On this mind journey, it's important to note that your mind is your greatest asset. Also, you control it. One motto or life quote I live by is, "Nothing is impossible." Open up your mind, let's break the rules!

  • Take off the pressure!
    – be aware that you are still human and cannot be perfect. You will fail at somethings but you can pickup yourself and learn from these failures.

    – God created you and has better plans for you. Faith in Him is total trust that He’s got your back no matter what.

    – Remember the records during the downtimes to keep you motivated. (Keeping a journal help you remember)

    Wow! This takeaway is priceless. Life can get really stressful if one is not careful, all he or she has laboured for will just weigh them down.

    Thanks for this motivation.

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