June 21, 2021


It’s a beautiful new week again. The birds are singing so beautifully, and there’s anticipation in the air. Do you feel it? Take a deep, deep breath, and enjoy being alive for a minute.

So, we’ll be talking about something that really gets ignored by many – a father’s love for his child or children, and how it gets interpreted. It’s even more lovely because we’re in the middle of celebrating our Fathers.

Growing up, my Dad beat me a lot, and I mean a lot, for almost everything (I was really stubborn as a child. Lol!) So, I never really got close to him, I saw him as the disciplinarian. I did not believe he hated me, but you know, as a child, the one who beats or corrects you a lot, you do not automatically interpret it as love. Now that I’m grown, I understand why he did all that then. I see now, his in-depth love for me that has shaped many of my principles and values.

The role of a Father in a child’s life cannot be overestimated, especially in the life of a male child. He needs that father figure to model after, to keep him in check, to keep him responsible. When a father is affectionate and supportive with his child, it keeps him from going way off track, as he mostly tries to seek his Father’s approval in all he does.

In a daughter’s life, the love and care shown by her father keeps her emotionally stable and secure. More importantly, he gives her a model for the opposite sex. That way, she decides to build relationships with persons just like her Dad, or not so much.

I believe a father’s love is underrated because of the unemotional attitude and discipline towards their children. Also, in past times, fathers hardly took the time to really get to know  their offspring. All that work was left to the mother. Especially in Africa, where it seems the mother’s job is to just raise the children and keep the house, while the fathers are to provide money and other basic resources.

However, there’s been a shift in that mindset in these recent times. Fathers are now seen to take care of a baby as a mother would, and are invested in the training of the children. It is really a beautiful thing, because as parents, you both birthed that child, and should be responsible for him/her. If there are hiccups in the training, the blame isn’t going to fall on one person, but on both.

Going forward, more fathers need to get to know their children, embrace them more often, get to know their cares and fears, and find ways to make it alright.

“Anyone can father a child, but being a Dad takes a lifetime”. – Anonymous. To all the Fathers in the world, or rather “Dads”, I say a wonderful Fathers Day Celebration. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. Also, to all the single Mothers acting as the Father figure in their children’s lives, you are cherished.

Thank you for reading. Believe in yourself always, and enjoy the rest of your week. Till next time!!

About the Author

Hi there, I'm Senami, or Minase, as I sometimes prefer. I'm excited to share my values, knowledge, and experience with you. I believe they'll help in transforming your mind, as they have mine. On this mind journey, it's important to note that your mind is your greatest asset. Also, you control it. One motto or life quote I live by is, "Nothing is impossible." Open up your mind, let's break the rules!

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