June 9, 2021


It is very natural to complain about things that aren’t favorable to us on a daily basis but have we for once sat down to understand why things don’t just happen?

Most of the issues we complain about has the solutions right in our hands.

This week, I took enough time to reflect about what had happened to me close to a year now. I try to rule out the possible faults (Most of which anyone is likely to put blames)

After which I try to rule out possible options I could have taken to prevent or minimize damages. What I figured was that, my major problem was understanding (rather accepting) how things works.

For instance, lack of money has been a major problem. I never seems to have enough because the I don’t even understand how the problems comes about. (I believe I ain’t the only one in this kind of situation or has been here before)

I discovered, it wasn’t really about how much I earn or how much I have on me. No amount of money is really enough. I remembered how I started my mobile money business. With as little as 30ghc, I grew that money to close to 10,000ghc in asset over a period of just two years but all that was lost.

I refused to obey the rules of handling money. By the time I was ready to follow the rules, there was nothing to work with except I remembered I have started from nothing before and I can do it all over again. This time, obeying the rules.

Understanding how things works is very necessary in every growth period. Passion is simply not enough. There’s a rule of the thumb in every area of your life and if you would study, understand and follow the rules, you would stop complaining and start winning.

Always remember, you have every right to complain and point fingers but you also have the power to disobey every stumbling block that challenges your progress.

No friend or family can help you succeed in life if you don’t discipline yourself to be successful.

Have a blissful new week.

About the Author

Daniel Separe

I am an Entrepreneur | a Farmer | an Earl | a Filmmaker | a Foodie | a Realist. Shop your food with www.octoberprice.com Join me as I share the tools, ideas, tips and tricks that I have found throughout the week!

  • Nobody can help you if you don’t discipline yourself to be successful. You’re fully responsible for your Rise or Fall. Very true words.

    Thank you for sharing!

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