August 18, 2021

August 18, 2021


“Within you, you will find everything you need to be complete.” – Bryant McGill.

The people around me have been inspiring me so much these days, so much so that I met some disabled lovely young girls recently. In my mind, I really do not think of them as disabled or lacking in any way. I see them as beautiful, strong and inspiring, but just for the context of this post, I’ll describe them as such, for better understanding.

So they are all students in the university studying really unique courses. One of them, let’s say her name is Koko, is a Student of Sociology, which is the study of social sciences, and she just got in. She’s extremely lively, with a lovely smile, beautiful hair and fingernails (I’m serious, she’s really pretty). I don’t know what her condition is called (I didn’t ask, and don’t intend to), but I’ll try to describe. Her condition has made her a bit shorter than she’s supposed to be, I believe. When she walks, she moves upward, downward (side to side), with her body pushed forward. I know it’s a real pain for her to walk.

Now what’s so inspiring about her? She’s always ready to speak her mind and is in love with social media (not in the sense of wasting time on it, but to get information on the platform, interpret and say what she’s got to say about whatever issue is there).

She enjoys the fact that through social media, she can connect with so many diverse people round the world, see the world through their eyes, and they see hers too.

She’s extremely interested in giving back to those who are less privileged, disabled, and those who cannot speak their minds, or do not have the platform to.

Furthermore, she’s a writer! (You can imagine my joy at getting that information 😂). She’s written books, and even has one of them published. This book ‘Ruthann Georgeson High’, has earned her both local and international awards, and more are lining up. She thinks globally, and is aiming to publish with any of the top five Publishing Houses in the world.

She inspires me a lot with this, because I’ve wanted to publish my book since I was 11, but I didn’t. I actually begun writing it at the age of 15,  but it remains unfinished. Listening to this girl speak, it refueled the fire in me to finish my book and publish, to put my thoughts and experiences out there, and write others in quick succession.

Many times, it just seems like those without the many opportunities are the ones who most often, beat the fear and become great. Then, others who are “complete”, give up at the slightest discouragement, disappointment or fear. We hold back too long from doing the things we ought to do, whilst feeling insecure. Yet, we’ve got all the opportunities available, whether we recognise it or not.

Image Credit: Everyday Heroes

You have all you need to become all you want. You might not believe that all the resources you want or need are available to you, but they are – however little it may seem. I’ll paint a scenario:
Let’s say a person wants to begin a podcast, she’s got a lot she wants to share with the world, her experiences, what she’s learned as she keeps on growing (in any area).

Now, she feels she can’t start because she doesn’t have a laptop to use in recording, or a microphone, or ring lights (for video podcasts), data for uploading, and some other essentials. She will be tempted to give up on that desire to share, because of these inadequacies. But this is the modern world! There are so many free resources to use right now.

Having a smartphone, she can make use of some free platforms to do her podcast (Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube, etc).

If the data would cost too much to upload on YouTube, she can hold on using YouTube for her video podcasts, and utilise the other platforms (to grow her audience) or find a place with loads of WiFi to hangout🤷.

All I’m trying to point out is, you can do anything you want to, and I understand that fear plays a huge factor in most of us. The fear of being rejected, not being recognized for your work, the fear of being inadequate, not putting out quality content and being shamed.

The fears go on and on, as we devalue ourselves more, and try to find our meaning in this world. A world that’s got billions of people living in it day in, day out, we feel we’ve no real worth, no special traits, so we don’t have to do what we’re passionate about. We feel it’s all been done before, what newer stuff can I bring to the table. There’s no point! Right?

Well, we’ll be discussing this really soon, “The meaning of your Life”, what your life really signifies. But right now, I would love to let you know that despite the crowds the Earth’s got, your life was specially designed for a purpose, and when you aren’t moving in the direction of that purpose, your life feels meaningless.

It’s not rocket science. Everything that man has made, it was designed for a purpose, whether it’s a scissors, or a car, etc. When that item is used for something or there’s an attempt to use it for a purpose it was clearly not designed for, it seems meaningless.

Imagine trying to force a normal regular car to fly like an airplane, it would definitely seem useless. But when it is made to go on that road, it would move perfectly and smoothly as it was designed.

I heard a quote recently, “Growth will cost you, but not growing will cost you way more.” – Fii Stephen.

You’re complete, everything you need is all you’ve got. Don’t let other people or even yourself talk you out of it.

Till next time!

About the Author

Hi there, I'm Senami, or Minase, as I sometimes prefer. I'm excited to share my values, knowledge, and experience with you. I believe they'll help in transforming your mind, as they have mine. On this mind journey, it's important to note that your mind is your greatest asset. Also, you control it. One motto or life quote I live by is, "Nothing is impossible." Open up your mind, let's break the rules!

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